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Originally Posted by Blitzkrieg Witchcraft View Post
unless my memory has failed me, I think Frehley's Comet opened when I saw them on that tour.

my first Maiden show was Somewhere on Tour, January of 1987.


SSOASS Tour 88
FOTD Tour 92
Virtual Tour 98
Ed Huntour 99
BNW Tour 00
DOD Tour 03

they haven't played Dallas since.
Very nice! I would love to see a set list from the Somewhere on Tour show that you attended. I wasn't happy about missing that tour! Hopefully, you will get a Dallas show next year. If not, you might want to think about a flight/road trip. If they don't hit Chicago, St. Louis, or Indy, we will definitely be doing that.

Man, I would totally take Frehley's Comet over Guns N' Roses! It looks like you were lucky too!
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