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Originally Posted by es156 View Post
My first Maiden show was No Prayer. Your first 2 Maiden shows were Powerslave and Seventh Son. No comparison there.

And yes, the AMOLAD tour was beyond awesome. Definitely top 5 for me. We will have to really work it to get the rail again for the show next year. It will be interesting to see what venues they play in the States.
I was fortunate enought to be at those two shows (at 12 and 15 years of age!). There will never be another tour like Powerslave (World Slavery Tour), but I'm betting that this next tour will be the next best thing.

We will find a way to get that rail again! If not, then we will just fly to the next show and get it there! Our women will have to understand!

I have an addition here. Maiden sure as hell better play The Clairvoyant on this next tour! I have to hear this one live again!

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