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Originally Posted by Div View Post
That's BS. Has anyone even been to Downtown Disney? That's not exactly what you'd call a kids place.
Many times in Anaheim, a couple of times in Florida. I wouldn't describe either as a place for kids but it is definitely a family scene. Walt Disney World's Pleasure Island is a definite exception but even then you aren't really talking about the stereotypes associated with the extreme metal scene.

In Anaheim, remember Downtown Disney connects the theme parks to the Disneyland Hotel. You get a lot of kid-family-pedestrian traffic. The House of Blues sits about halfway between the hotel and the entrance plaza serving Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure.

In Florida, the House of Blues is pretty close to DisneyQuest, a fun zone that specifically targets kids.

I can certainly understand why Disney would not want metal near the parks but I'd sure like them apply the bar across the board against other music if they're going to take a Disney-approach to programming the HoB. It would also be nice to see them extend those standards elsewhere in the Mouse's media empire. Disney produces A LOT of filth. Walt would NOT approve.
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