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Originally Posted by hot_turkey_ed View Post
The Early Days and Ozzfest caused the Great Maiden Schism on METALSETLISTS... I'm wondering who will be ripping this Maiden this time around...
Originally Posted by DreamEvil001 View Post
yeah, I remember when even addi was sporting a FUCK BRUCE sig. That said, what the fuck, they had the balls to do all of AMOLAD live but they can't do only songs from powerslave, SIT, and 7th son? but I'm just nitpicking, this will be amazing!
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Originally Posted by ADD View Post
"Great Maiden Schism"
Yes, the Great Maiden Schism Of 2005.

Old-timers may remember that a photo of mine from a Maiden concert servered as our banner-logo for the first year or two. We still have smileys left over from the old OLD IMBB because so many of first members were used to them. Maiden was a huge part of this place for a long time. That really changed in 2005 when Maiden decided to do Early Days Tour and a limited Ozzfest run. The biggest Maiden haters have left the board. Some have abandoned Metal algether. There may not be a vocal rebellion this time around except from our admins.

I don't think even the (Fallen... fallen since he can't keep his band together) Messiah has many true believers left on METALSETLISTS. Maybe the Lake Of Fire should be turned off for conservative purposes.
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