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Kamelot -- Mokena, IL -- August 27th, 2007

Tour: Ghost Opera Tour
Headliner: Kamelot
Support: Leaves Eyes, Mindwarp Chamber
Venue: The Pearl Room, Mokena, IL
Date: August 27th, 2007

Kamelot Set List:

Intro: Solitaire
01. Rule The World
02. When The Lights Are Down
03. Soul Society
04. Mourning Star
05. Descent Of The Archangel
06. Abandoned
07. The Human Stain
08. Instrumental
09. Center Of The Universe
10. Memento Mori
11. Keyboard Solo
12. The Haunting*
13. Forever

14. Ghost Opera
15. Love You To Death
16. Karma

17. March Of Mephisto

(90 Minutes)

Vocals: Roy Khan
Guitar: Thomas Youngblood
Bass: Glenn Barry
Drums: Casey Grillo
Keyboards: Oliver Palotai
Vocals: Simone Simons*
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