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Great White -- Glendale, AZ -- August 25th, 2007

The duo played an outdoor event at Westgate on Aug. 25 in Glendale, Ariz., just north of the massive Arizona Cardinals football stadium. Here are the set lists:

Jani Lane
1. Some new song off his solo CD, "Down to One."
2. Down Boys
3. Machine Gun
5. 32 Pennies
6. Heaven
7. I Saw Red
8. Another song I didn't know, I think it was called Velvet Blue
9. So Damn Pretty
10. Uncle Tom's Cabin
11. Train, Train
12. Cherry Pie
13. Big Talk

Great White:
1. Desert Moon
2. Old Rose Motel
3. Standing on the Edge (from new CD, Back to the Rhytym)
4. Face the Day
5. On Your Knees (Zeppelin's Achille's Last Stand in the middle)
6. Mista Bone
7. House of Broken Love
8. Rollin' Stoned
9. Save Your Love
10. Rock Me
11. Can't Shake It
12. A Zeppelin cover (didn't recognize it, I thought he was saying Carla, but who knows, maybe Darlene?)
13. Jumping Jack Flash (Rolling Stones cover, they wanted Jani to join them, but he was MIA, probably found his Cherry Pie for the night)
14. Once Bitten, Twice Shy

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