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Well, in a perfect world of Metal for me, Agathodaimon and Keep of Kalessin both have an hour set, and Opeth/Behemoth/CoB are rotating as headliners, but all have an hour and a half.

Long show? Yes. Would I go? In a heartbeat.

Times are rough estimates, some bands may go over - and then adding in talking between songs, its likely they do go over.

Agathodaimon (with special appearance by Vlad Dracul for vocals on songs off Higher Art Of Rebellion)
1. Contemplation Song (Recorded Intro)
2. Sfintit Cu Roua Suferintii
3. Ne Cheama Pamintul
4. Tongue of Thorns
5. Neovampirism
6. Heaven's Coffin
7. Sacred Divinity
8. Near Dark
9. Banner of Blasphemy

Keep of Kalessin
1. Surface (Intro)
2. Crown of the Kings
3. As Mist Lay Silent Beneath
4. Through Times Of War
5. I Choose To Suffer
6. The Black Uncharted
7. The Wealth Of Darkness
8. Orb of Man
9. As A Shadow Cast
10. Nectarous Red

1. Ghost of Perdition
2. The Amen Corner
3. Master's Apprentices
4. The Baying Of the Hounds
5. In Mist She Was Standing
6. The Drapery Falls
7. Serenity Painted Death
8. Under The Weeping Moon
9. Demon Of The Fall

1. Rome 64 C.E. (Intro)
2. Slaying The Prophets Ov Isa
3. Cursed Angel of Doom
4. Arcana Hereticae
5. Transylvanian Forest
6. Demigod
7. At The Left Hand Ov God
8. Antichristian Phenomenon
9. Prometherion
10. Sculpting the Throne Ov Seth
11. As Above, So Below
12. The Thousand Plagues I Witness
13. From The Pagan Vastlands
14. Christgrinding Avenue
15. Christians To The Lions
16. Spellcraft and Heathendom
17. Heru Ra Ha: Let There Be Might
18. Conquer All
19. Wolves Guard My Coffin
20. Summoning (Of The Ancient Ones)
21. Decade of Therion
22. Slaves Shall Serve
23. Chant For Eschaton 2000
24. Pure Evil and Hate

Children of Bodom
1. Bed of Razors
2. Follow the Reaper
3. Silent Night, Bodom Night
4. Hate Me!
5. Touch Like Angel of Death
6. Every Time I Die
7. Needled 24/7
8. Children of Bodom
9. Mask of Sanity
10. Sixpounder
11. Bodom After Midnight
12. Angels Don't Kill
13. Children of Decadence
14. Lil' Bloodred Riding Hood
15. Warheart
16. Lake Bodom
17. You're Better Off Dead
18. Deadnight Warrior
19. Hate Crew Deathroll
20. Downfall
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