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Unhappy Iced Earth - Framing Armageddon

So we (I) have been waiting for 3 years to see how Ripper does with IE, since the Glorious Burden didn't really fit in with the typical Iced Earth style. But then again what IS the Iced Earth style? Jon seems to change it with every new album, which I think, is why he never became as popular as he had hoped. It's hard to develop a fanbase when you keep changing your sound every other year.

So this time Jon decided to go back and milk the general idea from his "Something Wicked Trilogy". Basically he stretched the hell out of that story and I seriously can't understand how he expects to get another full album from it. Especially sense this album is plenty long as it is, 19 tracks over an hour and ten minutes. If I didn't see a track listing I wouldn't be able to tell one song from another, it's basically as bad as Dragonforce is in that respect. Just the schaffer mega-riff nonstop with some cheesy Ripper chorus that keeps repeating. If you've heard the single you've heard the album.

I'm beginning to wonder if Jon actually wrote the material on his first three records or if he just stole it and took credit, cause it doesn't make any sense at all how the man who wrote those great thrash albums could turn out crap like this. How do you go from "as i walk through the blackened forest thoughts of hate and anger fill my soul" to "please god give me the strength to leave". My guess is cause at the beginning of his career he was broke, working a shit job, getting screwed over by record labels, and generally pissed off. Now he's married with kids, owns his own hobby shop, and has a nice furnished house. Someone kick this man in the nuts a few times so he can write some good music again!

Here's the songs that I thought were good enough to deserve a repeat listen:

- 10,000 strong (yeah, the other stuff makes this actually sound good)
- Framing Armageddon
- ?

thats it, unfortunatley. and I couldn't believe that he made The Clouding 10 fucking minutes long! What the hell is going on here? You'll understand once you hear that song.

It comes out next month on the 11th, and I don't think anyone here should bother buying this half assed album. Now excuse me while I go listen to Burnt Offerings and try to go into denial about this.

3 out of 10 stars, and coming from me that means its pretty fucking bad. i might have gone easier if this was his first album, but he wrote Stormrider so no excuses.

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