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Originally Posted by Bastard_Of_Bodom View Post
Whats wrong with Into Eternity
What's not wrong with Into Eternity is the more appropriate question. They are absolutely terrible songwriters. Their songs like any real substance and the arrangement of them seems as though they merely put "shit" in a blender and hit "Puree until Prog". The lyrics are absolutely terrible and stupid from what I've heard, and the presentation of them is quite jokeable. It says a lot (or a little, rather) about your skills when you've got like 3 guys in the band that do vocals and they all suck badly. The "singer" (and I use that term loosely) cannot sing cleanly at all. His high falsetto is very weak, and his growling is just bad. The guitar playing is pretty pointless collectively, just a lot of silly chromaticism and mindless shred. Let's not even begin to talk abotu their bad habbits of getting on bills with bands that are completely different from them, forcing the band's fans to sit through their pathetic abuse of music.
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