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Originally Posted by hot_turkey_ed View Post
Look at the number$ for the promotion. With the number of memberships required, a meet and greet will cost you $100. $200 gets you a VIP backstage pass (including band access) or Roadie For A Day. $400 buys you an all access pass or the right to be Dave's slave. All options, ticket not included.. so add $50.
Oooorr... you could do what the competition actually says and recruite people, so all it'll cost you personally is the price of the ticket.

Of course you'll get the desperate Megadeth fan(atic)s who will buy all the necessary memberships themselves just for a chance to meet Dave, but that's true of any promotion/competition like this.

At least you've got a chance of nailing this for nothing. Dream Theater and Vai, for instance, you pay or you don't.

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