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"Dave is an asshole." That's the universal shortcut to thinking about latest Megadeth's FAN CLUB PROMOTION.

Look at the number$ for the promotion. With the number of memberships required, a meet and greet will cost you $100. $200 gets you a VIP backstage pass (including band access) or Roadie For A Day. $400 buys you an all access pass or the right to be Dave's slave. All options, ticket not included.. so add $50.

Dream Theater charges their fans $300 for just the meet and greet plus a photo, ticket included. Is Dave / Megadeth being that evil or different from other big metal bands? No. There are probably lots of bands doing the exact same thing.

The way to go: if someone wants any of the packages, sign up yourself via new memberships from yahoo accounts and resell the fan club packages on ebay. They'll probably fetch $20-$25 each.

The Roadie For A Day would make a REALLY good story for the Permanent Record but I doubt I would pay $250 (ticket + the $200 ) for the experience and more importantly the story. I can't imagine paying $450 (ticket + $400) for any Megadeth backstage packge. That's $150 more than my Ozzfest PLARS ticket and you all know how I feel about that now. Read about it here.

I meet Dave once on a meet and greet in San Francsico a couple of years ago. He was nice enough to me. His fanclub guy and webmaster (megadave) was really good about rearranging my passes after not being able to use the ones I received for the tour opener in Reno.
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