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Okay, Crimson Glory left the stage and the wait began. It was a REALLY long wait, like an hour or so until Kamelot finally came on. Solitaire was played over the PA and out they came. They were absolutely PERFECT. Everything about the performance was outstanding. Having all the bands members like two inches away was awesome, and Roy gave me handshakes quite a few times. I went crazy through the entire set, and sort of hurt my neck but it was so worth it. At the end, I got handshakes from all of them and Thomas and Glenn walked over and both gave me picks. I got the setlist from off the stage as well.


Intro: Solitaire
01. Rule The World
02. When The Lights Are Down
03. Soul Society
04. Mourning Star
05. The Fourth Legacy
06. Abandoned
07. Descent Of The Archangel
08. Instrumental
09. The Human Stain
10. Memento Mori
11. Keyboard Solo
12. The Haunting ( Somewhere In Time )
13. Forever
14. Ghost Opera
15. Love You To Death
16. Karma
17. March Of Mephisto

After the show I got a drink and went out to hopefully meet the guys and get some pictures. Oliver was the only one out when I got over there so I got a picture for him and he seemed very nice. He was talking with everyone and was just really cool. The girl who's doing the female vocals for this tour ( I forgot her name ) was out and I complimented her on doing a great job. Then I went inside and saw Casey talking with some fans so I got a picture with him as well and talked with him for a few. Glenn walked in a few minutes later and I asked to get a picture with him and got one, although he seemed a little preoccupied. I waited for about 30 minutes for Thomas and Roy to come out because I REALLY wanted a picture with Thomas. So finally Roy came out, took a picture with two girls and then said he had to go. Thomas never came out , but I decided I needed to start heading home. But I came out with a setlist, a pick from Glenn and Thomas, and a picture with three of them ( which I will post later on ). Absolutely GREAT show, I give it 10/10.
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