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Kamelot -- New Port Richey, FL -- August 15th, 2007

So I'm pretty positive last night's show is was hands down one of my favorite shows of all time. It was perfect in every aspect.


Me and my girlfriend got to the venue at around 5:00, two hours before doors open; because we figured there would be a huge line. WRONG. There NO line. Not a single person waiting. So we decided to go in the venue to just sit down and have a drink and play some pool. All the guys from Kamelot were just hanging out out with their families in there, and doing sound-check ( which was awesome to get to hear ) but they seemed pretty busy so I didn't want to bother them. A few more people started showing up outside and around an hour before doors open, around 6:00 they kicked us out and we formed a line at the door.

The Show

A little after seven the doors openend and we all piled in. Bourbon Street is an EXTREMELY intimate venue, as there the stage is around 2 feet high, and there is no barrier between the stage and the fans. So naturally I sped my ass up to get front row. I selected a spot right between where Thomas and Roy would be. We waited around for a while and I got my Ghost Opera shirt, and then finally the first band hit the stage. They were called Royal Anguish and played some surprisingly good gothic death metal. And I'll be damned if their singer is the scariest motherfucker in central Florida. They are signed by FEAR DARK records out of Holland, so check 'em out if you're interested at


01. Playing God
02. Educate Me
03. Dry, Pale Existence
04. Bass Solo
05. Journey Through The Shadows Of Time
06. Twisted Angel

After Royal Anguish life the stage we waited around for about another hour for Wade Black's Black Reign to come on. He used to sing for Crimson Glory and Leatherwolf and his set was comprised of songs from both of those bands. Not bad at all, just balls to the wall traditional heavy metal. Wouldn't go to seem them again, but it was enjoyable to watch.

SETLIST: ( All Crimson Glory material unless otherwise noted. )

Intro: March To Glory
01. War Of The Worlds
02. Astronomica
03. Edge Of Forever
04. New World Machine
05. Lucifer's Hammer
06. Behind The Gun ( Leatherwolf )

Part two on the way....
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