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Originally Posted by hot_turkey_ed View Post
Thank you for very much for the kind words; a lot of me went into this one.

Most shitty second stage bands have the potential to join the ranks of Pavo's Official Shitty Bands. My bass teacher taught me to search for the special something about a band and music; that openess is my gateway to enjoying all kinds of music, even metalcore.

Both Nile and Lamb Of God would have received excellent remarks from me. Especially Nile. I wish I could have made Nile's Sacramento headlining show the night before Ozzfest or the one in Reno with LoG, Behemoth, and Hatebreed.

Thanks to Hecho, I started enjoying 3IOB a long time ago. This one set really doesn't bother me; the orcs will be on the run again soon enough. Usally, the Mickster or Motorhead Jeff holds my pack while I terrorize the Ozzfest pits. This year, that wasn't really a option. Next year for sure. I'm training for it.

When I decided to put METALSETLISTS up, Ozzfest 2004 was one of the reasons. After Ozzfest 2007, I can't remember a time I've been so excited about music in general and metal in particular. I'm looking forwad to consistently writing again. It will be challenge making up for lost time and detail, but it will get done eventually.
It's not because they're labelled "metalcore", you can call a turd a rose but it still smells like shit ya know. But its good you get something out of it.

Haha I dunno if I'll be there next year myself (maybe if its free again), but I'm sure we'll have some pit encounters in the near future

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