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Talking Dr. Livingdead - Thrash After Death

Ok, here's a band I found on myspace while looking for something new. They're a Swedish thrash band that just released their debut album this year. Now before I get into the album itself there are some things I must point out. They sound like Anthrax, and their cover art looks like Maiden's Live After Death if you didn't already notice. However when you go to their website there are a few things they point out to you.

These songs are NOT produced by Iron Maiden
NOT written, arranged or recorded by Anthrax.

Anyway. The riffage in this album doesn't stop for a minute, the songs are short and to the point, a little over 2 mins each, there's no guitar solos or slow intros. The lyrics don't take themselves seriously "'hey man whats that fucking dude with 5 legs?' 'no man its 4 fucking legs' 'whos that guy anyway i dont give a shit'" which mixes humor in with the awesome riffage. Overall the album is one big homage to metal, I'm not going to point out every little thing because I'm sure most of you guys will be able to pick on all those parts, but think if Weird Al got drunk and made a metal parody album.

Also, their whole album can be heard on their website, so go listen to them now and then come back here with your comments!
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