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Originally Posted by zgodt View Post
I think it's because Holden Caulfield is an original character with an original voice. He might not seem like it so much to us now because we've seen his type of character imitated and duplicated so often -- but before Salinger, how many serious authors were featuring wiseass misfit teenagers as protagonists?

I didn't read it until I was almost 30, but it made me wish I'd read it when I was 15; I probably would've enjoyed it more then. Meanwhile, as far as young wiseass misfit protagonists go, I enjoyed the novel A Confederacy of Dunces a lot more than Catcher in the Rye.
I will say I enjoyed the writing style. The book went by very quickly because of the conversational tone. I dunno, I guess I shouldn't have been so bent on expecting some action in the end. On reflection I guess it was pretty brilliant.
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