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Originally Posted by ADD View Post
When I think of Slayer I think "Damn, they could have been one of the best ever if they made 5 more albums like Show No Mercy and languished in relative obscurity as a thrash metal/NWBOHM-worship act for the duration of their career" Seriously, the fast thrash stuff was good, but Show No Mercy is one of the defining metal albums I think, in terms of sheer kickassness. Besides, Dark Angel did 'Reign In Blood' better anyways.
Come on ADD, even the progger in you knows that the correct answer is 5 more albums like Hell Awaits. Sure Show No Mercy was fun, but evolution is even more fun.

I say wait til they got the Rubin contract for Hell Awaits, tack on Angel, Post and Raining, then you would have had the real Reign In Blood.

I also agree with the Dark Angel comment. Burning Of Sodom was basically what "Necrophobic", except extended into a full 3 minute piece.
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