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The end of Slayer?
(antiMusic) Tom Araya has told Worcester magazine that the next Slayer album may be their last. In an interview discussing the Slayer/Marilyn Manson coheadlining tour, the metal legend also discussed what the future may hold for Slayer and Araya feels that the end may be near.

"Well, there have been remarks made about seeing an old man headbang. And I have to agree," Araya said in the interview. "I think the Stones can do that, probably go out and do their stuff in their 80s, but it just wouldn't look right [for us], you know what I mean?

"It's actually pretty strenuous. That's why I don't see it going any further than a certain point in time. We have one more record to do, which is our deal with [Rick] Rubin, and we'll have to sit down and discuss the future. But I can't really see myself doing this at a later age."
read the whole interview here

actually it may be time for Slayer to call it quits. After Christ Illusion it's obvious that they've run out of ideas.

I can see the other guys continuing on in some form (maybe as Slayer or maybe not) without Tom. I always figured he'd be the one to call it quits.
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