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Why Not, I'll do this again.

3 Days, each day will be geared towards a specific subgenre of metal. These aren't necessarily my favorite bands, just a combo I think would work well. Bands are listed from headliner down of running order

Day 1: Power Metal
Edguy (2 hours)
Stratovarius (90 minutes)
Nocturnal Rites (75 minutes)
Gamma Ray (60 minutes)
Dungeon (45 minutes)
Masterplan (30 minutes)

Day 2: Prog Metal
Symphony X (2 hours)
Fates Warning (90 minutes)
Evergrey (75 minutes)
Royal Hunt (60 minutes)
Vanden Plas (45 minutes)
Redemption (30 minutes)

Day 3: Traditional Metal
Iron Maiden (2 hours)
Savatage (2 hours)
Riot (2 hours)
Rob Rock (45 minutes)
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