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Symphony X -- Philadelphia, PA -- August 10th, 2007

Last night was my second time seeing Symphony X on the Paradise Lost tour, as I saw them on 5/25 at the warm-up gig in New York City. Being that they're one of my favorite bands I definately was up for seeing them again. I attended with just my friend Nick, as all our other friends had prior engagements that kept them from attending. We got down to Philly and parked around quarter of 4... We got to the Troc to discover that we were the first people in line. We talked to some cool folks in line and the doors opened fairly promptly around 7 PM.
The first band came on around 7:30 I suppose, they were called Stygian, apparently from the Philly area. I didn't care for them much, they played like 5 songs and closed with Metallica's Damage Inc.
Second band was Echoes of Eternity. A bit more up my alley but I still wasn't really impressed by them. The singer was pretty hot though so it made it more enjoyable. Haha.
Third band was Sanctity. I'd seen these guys before and thought they were ok, and that was basically my thoughts this time around. The singer/guitarist wants to be James Hetfield so bad it's not even funny though. They werent bad to stand through but they really got the crowd going in a very bad fasion. All openers sets were approx. 30 minutes.
Symphony X came on around quarter of 10. They put on such an amazing show as any X fan knows. Russell Allen has to be one of the best frontmen around today. Romeo's guitar work is spot on live, especially impressive being how complicated it is. I can't believe how much fun the guys have on-stage, especially considering how complicated their music is and how accurately they perform it. I felt the set list was a tad on the short side but still very enjoyable. The crowd goes absolutely nuts when they do the Odyssey. All in all, amazing show, very glad I went, and I'm sure I'll go to see them as many times as they want to play around here.
Oh, and I purchased a V t-shirt because I didn't have one. They had like 6 t-shirt designs though, as well as a longsleeve, hoodie, and a few other things I think.

Set List:
1.Set the World on Fire
3.Serpent's Kiss
4.Paradise Lost
6.Smoke and Mirros
7.Walls of Babylon
8.Sea of Lies
9.Of Sins and Shadows
10.The Odyssey
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