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Porcupine Tree -- London, UK -- September 29th, 2006

Arrivnig Somewhere Tour
Venue: Astoria
Support: Paatos

Fear of A Blank Planet
My Ashes
Cheating The Polygraph
Sleep Together
Open Car
Sound Of Muzak
Buying New Soul
Arriving Somewhere But Not Here
Start Of Something Beautiful
Blackest Eyes

Here's one I missed out of my previous postings. This tour was before Fear of A Blank Planet had even been recorded, so the first set of six songs were, at the time, all untitled. Five of the six were later identified via bootlegs from the tour. "Cheating The Polygraph" has now been revealed as the missing one. It was recorded during the Fear of A Blank Planet sessions, but was left off the final album. It will be released on a limited edition EP very soon.

21/1 The Pretty Reckless
22/1 Black Sabbath
29/1 Black Sabbath
31/1 Black Sabbath

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