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ROB ZOMBIE To Hit The Road In October

Source: Blabbermouth

The Pulse of Radio (formerly Launch Radio Networks) reports: Now that Rob Zombie has completed work on his third film as a writer and director, a remake of the horror classic "Halloween", the rocker-turned-filmmaker is setting his sights on the road. Zombie told The Pulse of Radio that he'll go on tour in October and stay out for a couple of months before turning to his next project. "Me and the guys have been talking, and we're, like, you know, gonna start rehearsing soon and, you know, we'll be back on the road in October," he said. "We'll probably quit right around Christmas time, take a break for that, and then who knows what maybe make a new record or start another movie or something, I don't know."

Zombie says he'll hit the road with at least one other major act (rumored to be OZZY OSBOURNE), whose name he couldn't reveal. Dates and venues are also yet to be announced.

The singer was originally in the running to open some fall dates for BLACK SABBATH offshoot band HEAVEN AND HELL, but couldn't commit to that because it was too close to the opening of "Halloween".

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