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Villains -- Drenched In The Poisons

VILLAINS- Drenched In The Poisons (Aurora Borealis)

Members of the renowned New York misanthropic doom metal band UNEARTHLY TRANCE and friends have created an album that is equally as ugly as any of UNEARTHLY TRANCE's monstrous outputs, only this time they achieve sonic destruction more by way of HELLHAMMER than NEUROSIS. VILLAINS' debut full-length Drenched In The Poisons is a twisted ride through a world that begins with a fifth of cheap vodka and ends with waking up in a dark smelly apartment covered in puke, hopefully your own. Despite the overwhelming presence of plenty of headbanging VENOM worship, there is also the dark underbelly where the UNEARTHLY TRANCE and THRALLDOM (the guitarist on this record plays with them as well) influence creeps in. The vocals are also more in line with raw black metal than anything else, providing even more of a sickening edge to the already abysmal music. Drenched In The Poisons is a perversely dark way to still have a good rocking time, but despite giving off somewhat of a 'party metal' aesthetic at first glance, this is still music undoubtedly rooted in the same nihilistic ground as the band members' other projects.

Even though the album clocks in at a mere 28 minutes, throughout its duration there are plenty of twists and turns to make it seem full without dragging along. From the bludgeoning opener "Before The Spike" to the ripping closer "Drenched In The Poisons", VILLAINS kick out their blackened strain of thrash and heavy metal without abandon. I definitely hear some death 'n roll influence as well on songs like "The Sickness of Snakes", recalling the greatness of early ENTOMBED records. The aforementioned doom influences show on "Torture Is Too Kind" and "L.T.F.V." especially, two of the best songs on the album for their powerful riffing and excellent combination of different tempo changes. I should mention the drumming on this album is definitely notable, he does a great job of adding more identity to each song.

Drenched In The Poisons is a bona fide middle finger to society and to human nature itself, the most wretched of all metal music churned out convincingly by a group of real metal lifers; this is music that walks the talk, as much to the extent that music can claim to do.
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