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Car Bomb -- Centralia

CAR BOMB- Centralia (Relapse Records)

From the new school of jagged angular brutality that has more in common with hardcore than metal comes CAR BOMB, one of Relapse's latest additions to their wonderfully eclectic roster. Their debut album Centralia sees CAR BOMB establish themselves firmly within the niche carved out by bands like THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, CONVERGE, etc. For a style of extreme music based on the premise of bending genres and being unclassifiable, this is a record that fits right in with so many easily name checked records of similar ilk that it fails to make a huge impression. They have the technicality, the aggression, the musicianship, all the ingredients to make more a truly face ripping album, but somehow it just falls short of the mark in my opinion. There is little replay value, which is the main issue. Nothing leaves a lasting impression enough to warrant going back to it repeatedly. The clincher with many of these types of bands is whether or not the music is so intense that it can immerse the listener and really pull them into the sick twisted world the music attempts to portray; Centralia does not do that. Even with mixing in some melodic parts to go with the frenized atonal riffing, squealing pinch harmonics, and heavy breakdowns, there is little to latch onto as far as coherent musical ideas. Well-executed, well-produced, but just too middle-of-the-road to make a difference for me.
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