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Sonata Arctica -- Tokyo, Japan -- July 22nd, 2007

Just posting this to give people an idea of what a non-festival gig on this tour is shaping up to look like...

01. In Black And White
02. Paid In Full
03. Victoria's Secret
04. For The Sake Of Revenge
05. 8th Commandment
06. Tallulah
07. Fullmoon
08. Caleb
09. Black Sheep
10. It Won't Fade
11. Gravenimage
12. Guitar/Keyboard duel
13. San Sebastian
14. My Land
15. Don't Say A Word
16. The Cage
17. Vodka Song

I for one and pretty dissapointed in the setlist. They are slowly becoming like Maiden where it is always pretty much the same setlist with a few from the new album in here. They also dropped " The Harvest " for " San Sebastian. " Now, I love San Sebastian, but I'd rather hear The Harvest since this is it's respective tour and may not be played again. Oh well, seeing 'em again will still rule.
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