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I feel bad that no has replied yet and I like this idea of yours, so I'll start things off


(with Zetro on vocals of course, fuck Rob Dukes )

1.) War Is My Shepard
2.) Faster Than You'll Ever Live To Be
3.) And Then There Were None
4.) Piranha
5.) Cajun Hell
6.) A Lesson In Violence
7.) I Am Abomination
8.) Shovel Headed Kill Machine
9.) 'Till Death Do Us Part
10.) Shroud Of Urine
11.) Fabulous Disaster
12.) Dethamphetamine
13.) Blacklist
14.) Forward March
15.) Brain Dead
16.) Strike Of The Beast
17.) Exodus
18.) Metal Command
19.) Scar Spangled Banner
20.) The Toxic Waltz
21.) Bonded By Blood
Feel It
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