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Here it is my friends:



The fatal error that probably cost me a chance at seeing the entire setlist came during the break between bands. Let me just say this: FUCK METALLICA'S ROADCREW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you telling me it takes a full HOUR to set up their stage? Not only that but once the stage was ready we just sat there for 20 minutes just waiting. Not fun, and because of the later start I didn't get to see the final 4 songs, one of which was my favorite Metallica song of all time. Thanks a lot Anyways, after the wait was finally over the lights went out and the place ERUPTED. They did a really cool intro on the video screens, then the slow guitar build-up of Blackened kicked in and we were ready to go. This song owns bigtime, and although the vocals were unclear during it the song was still lots of fun, and it's my favorite 'Tallica opener too so naturally I liked it a lot. Then the flames shot up and Fuel came on next. The crowd was very energized for this one, and let me give 'em props: they were fantastic all night, the best crowd I've been a part of participation-wise (singing along, etc.). But that was kind of expected, it is San Jose and Metallica after all After Fuel came the stunning For Whom The Bell Tolls, and this one went down sooooooooo well. Such a heavy live number, it really came alive and kicked some ass. They slowed things down with No Leaf Clover after that, not a favorite but decent nonetheless. Then we were treated to "FRANTIC-TIC-TIC-TIC-TIC-TIC-TOCK!" Umm....yeah We definitely got the goods next though with The Unforgiven. Great surprise and a great performance of it as well. Metallica nailed the slow songs tonight for sure. Just as I was thinking that would be the highlight of the night, they pulled out DISPOSABLE! HEROES!!!!!!!!! Damn!! I still have a slight neckache from still one today, it kicked so much ass and looking back probably was the highlight of the show. The God That Failed, a song I hadn't listened to for over a year at least, came next and really surprised me. Very solid tune. The familiar guitar intro to Welcome Home(Sanitraium) came on and the stadium was stirring again. Helluva song and it just made for a great live performance. The place REALLY got jumping with Sad But True, especially the pit. Nothing more to say than this song really surprised me again with how good it went down, much fiercer live for sure. They closed the set with an absolutely dynamite rendition of Battery. After a short encore break yet another soft guitar intro started and they broke into Wherever I May Roam, which went down very well. The Black Album songs got the best reaction for sure, and this was no exception. After this one they played another off TBA, Nothing Else Matters. By now all the soft tunes were getting a bit tedious (more on this later as well). Once this one ended everyone knew what was coming next…MASTER OF PUPPETS!!!!!!!!!!!! Great, great song and even funner live with everyone singing the chorus. But then came the time, out of nowhere, to leave. My mom pulled us out early because we had school the next day, meaning I ended up missing the last 4 songs and my favorite Metallica song of all-time, The Four Horsemen. This led to a huge fight with my mom, which I have now forgiven her, but that will always sting. I was fucking THERE when they played it, and then I wasn’t That’s how life is sometimes though, and thankfully ‘Tallica will be back again. I can only pray that one day I will have the pleasure of hearing it live. Anyways, if it hadn’t been for the damned road crew in the first place and the band for not getting on stage promptly none of this would have happened. Enough about that, now onto the actual setlist critique. For a tour supporting the St. Anger album there were an awful lot of songs from TBA in the set, which is curious, although I would much prefer to see an abundance of songs from that album rather than St. Anger for obvious reasons Another thing is that there were WAY too many slow ballad-type songs in the set. If they wanted to do a set without a lot of thrashing sons then AT LEAST they should have put Fade To Black in there somewhere. There is no excuse for not having that OR Creeping Death at all. Exchange No Leaf Clover and Nothing Else Matters for these 2 and the setlist is much more balanced all the way around. Now, if they wanted to keep the songs as they were then(in a perfect world) they should have had The Four Horsemen trade places with Nothing Else Matters, because the set would flow much better with the 1-2 punch of TFH and MOP in the first encore. Also they could have done the same swap with The Unforgiven because that is a “rarer” tune that could easily have found it’s way into that coveted 2nd encore opener spot and because, again, the 1-2 combo of TWH and DH packs a damn good punch as well. Oh well. Another little comment I have is on the little bass/guitar solos: the guitar solos were a fucking MASSIVE waste of time, Kirk was just basically wanking off the guitar the whole time and it was just utterly pointless. The bass solo, however, was a little more interesting because they incorporated part of Orion into it, which was awesome. In retrospect, I have really mixed emotions about the show sitting here right now. I know that if I were able to stay the whole time I would remember it more fondly, but nevertheless I was lucky to even be there are it was a great time. One thing is for sure; I will always, truly, remember that night for one reason or another.

The final setlist was:

For Whom The Bell Tolls
No Leaf Clover
The Unforgiven
Disposable Heroes
The God That Failed
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Sad But True
- - - -
Wherever I May Roam
Nothing Else Matters
Master Of Puppets
Enter Sandman
- - - -
The Four Horsemen
Seek And Destroy
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