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Originally Posted by jaysadler2 View Post
Just a shitty sell out german band that need fire to distract the audience from their music.
Much like KISS, then? Or every other band who uses, or has used fire and pyro in their shows. Iron Maiden, for example?

And how exactly did they sell out? They sound the same now as they did on their first album. In fact, their sound has progressed a lot on the last two records. That's not selling out.

Rammstein are a great band with unique, if often very simple, ideas. Not liking them and them being crap are two very different things.

This is a shame if it's true but it should be pointed out that neither Rammstein's site or that of Pilgrim Management have posted this press release, and that no major news sources in Germany are running this story. It's only music sources in America that are running it, and most of those have pulled it. It is believed by Rammstein fansites that it's a hoax, but we'll see.

Richard's solo project is coming first, though. And it sounds very promising.

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