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DAATH Talks A Little Smack Against Progressive

Source: The Corner News

The article is about Ozzfest but a good chunk is dedicated to Daath. This is one of the Ozzfest bands about which I have some curiousity, mostly because of their name. It deals with a black metal kaballah of sorts... a new take on a tired theme(i.e. Behemoth's and Dimmu's latest).

Here's the prog smack: Unlike some metal bands, Daath isn’t technicality for the sake of technicality. All of the members in the band can play their instruments very effectively, but the focus of the band is clearly on the songs. “We don’t like to use odd time signatures, have 20-minute songs, or any of that sh*t,” says Werstler. “But a lot of people think we have our own kind of thing going here. Not a lot of extreme metal bands use synthesizers or have different movements in their songs. In that way, we’re very orchestral, and I think that helps set us apart.”
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