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Originally Posted by ADD View Post
What's up with Sacrificial Blood these days man? Any news?

And is Municipal Waste as insane live as they're made out to be?
- They always play Philly at 21+ venues, so I've never gone back to see them again. Fucking pisses me off, because they play with Blüdwülf a lot and sometimes Deceased Oh, and they have new shit up on their Myspace.

- In a word, yes. I'm not big on pits anymore, but oh my god it was unavoidable. The combination of their music (which is invariably makes you want to throw yourself into a wall or the nearest chainsaw), their antics (boogie boards thrown into the crowd, beer bongs, the Weed Wizard and Sexy Keg) and the kickass crowd (metalheads, punks, and everyone in between) made good friendly violent fun absolutely necessary.
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