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Hmm...A challenge....I'm only gonna include metal shows that were part of national tours.

12/4/15--Trans-Siberian Orchestra; Nutter Center, Dayton, OH
5/11/06--In Flames, Nevermore, Evergrey;Bogart's, Cincinnati, OH
6/6/06--Metal Crusader's Tour; Bogart's, Cincinnati, OH
7/14/06--Mouth of the Architect; The Roundhouse, Tipp City, OH
8/19/06--Kenoma; Stillwater Photography, Troy, OH
9/16/06--Mastodon; Bogart's, Cincinnati, OH
9/23/06--Gigantour; Nationwide Arena, Cincinnati, OH
11/12/06--Trans-Siberian Orchestra; Nutter Center, Dayton, OH
11/18/06--Queensryche; Covington, KY
12/1/06--Sepultura w/ Sworn Enemy; Al Rosa Villa, Columbus, OH
12/16/06--In Flames w/ Lacuna Coil and The Sword; Newport Music Hall, Columbus, OH
1/8/07--When the Tigers Broke Free; Stillwater Photography, Troy, OH
1/13/07--Reaper; The Avenue, Tipp City, OH
2/8/07--Mastodon; Newport Music Hall, Columbus, OH
3/3/07--Gathiens w/ Other Post Rock bands; Stillwater Photography, Troy, OH
5/8/07--Heaven and Hell; US Bank Arena, Cincinatti, OH
5/27/07--When the Tigers Broke Free; Studio 54, Dayton, OH

Future/Hopeful Concerts-

7/27/07--Clutch; Bogart's, Cincinnati, OH
8/4/07--Don Caballero; Walnut Hills Bar, Dayton, OH
8/8/07--Ozzfest; Germaine Ampitheatre, Columbus, OH
8/25/07--Men As Trees; Matt Evans Photography, Dayton, OH
9/1/07--Rush; Riverbend Music Center, Cincinnati, OH
9/12/07--Katatonia; Peabody's, Cleveland, OH
9/22/07--Megadeth; Newport Music Hall, Columbus, OH
5/11/08--King Diamond; Harpo's, Detroit, MI

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