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Originally Posted by sylpriest View Post
Maiden, Priest, Slayer. yes
Deth. no

Really wrong about that. Deth is never gonna stop playing their classics like Metallica is never going to stop playing their classics. but both bands add new songs in and out all the time.
Maiden always play the same songs. Im a fan of maiden but they never/very rarely change a set on a tour, like throw in a couple of unexpected rare songs off of old classic albums such as killers or piece of mind, or even recent album like dance of death and brave new world.

Maiden are great live and i love them, but it would be better if they done what metallica did in the sense of jumbling songs around, say play 1 or 2 songs off of early album, 1 or 2 off of recent album, couple off of new album etc.
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