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Ozzfest Band Schedule Posted

So, has only give out the schedule for the very first show, which is in Seatle. I havent been to any previous Ozzfest, but it looks like there is the traditional 20 minutes sets for rotating bands, with 5 minutes between. Another tidbit, the order that the rotating slot bands are playing, is the same order as if you take the bands as they are listed on and flip it upside down. I guess that kinda makes since, but I wonder how they will "rotate" them for the other shows.

Here it is:

Sorry, I dont know how to resize pictures, deal with it.

As long as Chthonic play Quasi Putrefaction, Daath play Subterfuge, and 3IOB play Goatriders Horde and Deadly Sinners, I will be fine with those set times.
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