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Here's Gamma Ray set list:

1. Land of the Free
2. Man on a Mission
3. Rebellion in Dreamland
4. Fight
5. New World Order
6. Blood Religion
7. Somewhere Out in Space
8. Heavy Metal Universe
9. I Want Out

and here's Stormwarrior's (feat. Kai Hansen) playing early Helloween songs:

1. Ride The Sky
2. Murderer
3. Victim of Fate
4. Judas
5. Heavy Metal is the Law

I think both the Manowar set lists are awsome. Army Of The Immortals, Thor, The Oath and Each Dawn I Die is songs they should play at every show!
The Gamma Ray set list is quite boring, and i really don't like Heavy Metal Universe, it so damn boring. But Blood Religion would be a cool song to hear live.
Stormwarrior set list is a bit short but still great. Judas could be traded to Cry for Freedom or Warrior though.

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