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Originally Posted by ChildrenofSodom View Post
I thought Gigantour was supposed to be Jan/Feb 2008. I saw them last September on Gigantour, this year in May, and will again see them this I dont really know that no Gigantour would really break my heart. It would be good to see an unusual sized bill of bands that I either wont see headlining or wouldnt go out to see otherwise, but thats what free Ozzfest is for

Eh, and seeing In This Moment twice in two months might be a little tiring, but Queensryche the day before may take the edge off.
That's what I thought too but it's a short turn for Megadeth to hit the same markets again, especially given they're already been out once before with H&H. Not that I would be complaining if they did make it around January... the more 'Deth, the better.
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