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I meant clover as one the newer songs lol

Yeah true with the real fans appreciating any song, i'd like to hear 2x4, king nothing, aint my bitch, outlaw torn etc...

But thats what they've got to weigh up. i'm sure "real" fans would love to hear a rare laod/re-load track, but looking at the majority of the audience i'd say 33.3% were real metallica fans (wearing met club and monsters of rock t.shirts etc.), the rest were stupid 13-16 year olds thinking there metal heads, some of which wearing tshirts promoting newer bands such as bullet for my valentine and trivium, with jet black hair combed over lol, and just know the words to enter sandman and sad but true.

Perhaps this is evident of why they play well known songs, and kinda "rare" songs from the first four albums, cos it is the records that most of these 13-16 year olds have.

But if your paying a ticket to see metallica, you shouldnt care if they play 10 songs from load/reload, and say just 8 from the other albums.

Im a fan of all metallica music, i prefer some more than others, but as a whole its all good.

With the maiden thing, ive seen them a lot of times and the best by far has to be "The early days" in 2005. where they played songs off of there first 4 albums. The set was unbeliveable cos they played songs they hadn't played for years. And also this was at reading festival so al the kids that thought they were metal heads were waiting for songs like "fear of the dark" and "2 minutes to midnight" that they didnt play. But hearing songs like phantom of the opera, die with your boots on, remember tomorrow was awesome!
This i think was a one off for maiden in recent years and i think no maiden set in the future is gonna top that.

To hears dyers eve on the 04 tour would be good, when i saw them in 03, probably on the same tour (madly in anger with the world tour) they played hit the lights which was so cool and also Harvester of sorrow which is one of my best metallica songs but that was common during the tour

Dream theater is also a great band that change setlists.

Battery as opener better than creeping?

Also what do you think of covers from Garage being put into there setlists?
Ive seen am i evil and die die my darling which was cool, id love to see astronomy and mercyful fate!
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