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Originally Posted by jaysadler2 View Post
dunno how well "rare tracks from load/reload" will go down.
Well that's sort of my point. They're big enough and old enough that they shouldn't be concerned with what will "go down well". Their fans, the real fans, will be more accepting than they perhaps think

Originally Posted by jaysadler2 View Post
But to be fair they do generally include songs off of load, generally rotated between fuel, memory, unforgiven part 2, outlaw and in this case clover in there set. and think a 2/3 songs is all it needs.
Clover isn't from those albums Yeah, they do rotate those ones. They do King Nothing as well. But that is all they do. Ain't My Bitch, Devil's Dance, 2x4, Hero of The Day, Wasting My Hate, Cure, Bleeding Me, House That Jack Built, Better Than You... these are all good songs. Definitely deserving a place in the rotation. Along with -Human.

Originally Posted by jaysadler2 View Post
In past sets, if they play just the one song form load/reload, they play a "new song" thats coming up on the new album.
True... both the new songs are shit though... Especially The Other New Song.

Originally Posted by jaysadler2 View Post
In my oppinion, i'd much rather see a rare old track emerge, such as "to live is to die" or "Dyers eve" or "fight fire with fire" or "jump in the fire".
Dyer's Eve made it's debut on the 2004 tour and was played several times. Fight Fire and Jump both appeared on that tour too, I think.

I was thinking more along the lines of Trapped Under Ice, The Frayed Ends of Sanity, The Shortest Straw, Escape, Phantom Lord, Call of The Ktulu (segued into Master forms the best concert opening of any band ever).

Originally Posted by jaysadler2 View Post
But this is why i love seeing metallica live, cos they always play one or two unexpected songs. Where as with bands like maiden or even megadeth you get the same (good) songs, but they never pull out an old classic.
Yep, there are three kinds of band. Your Iron Maidens and your Megadeths, who play the same set night after night for an entire tour.

Then there's your Metallicas and Saxons who have a batch of songs, some of which are played every night, although not always in the same order, and the rest are rotated.

Then there's your ultimate bands. Your Allman Brothers, Gov't Mules and Black Crowes, who play a completely different set every night. Warren from Mule even goes so far as to keep a database of all their setlists, which he refers to constantly when creating setlists for shows to make sure they don't play any of the songs they played in that city last time they were there.

Originally Posted by jaysadler2 View Post
And yeah creeping death is a wickid opener, but better than blackened (03-04 tour)? I cant decide
Easy for me... I don't like Blackened very much, so it's Creeping all the way.

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