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dunno how well "rare tracks from load/reload" will go down. I think it would be good to see as it shows how the band has progressed, if they just stuck to the first four albums, then it would be like seeing a bunch of 40 year olds stuck in a time warp!!

But to be fair they do generally include songs off of load, generally rotated between fuel, memory, unforgiven part 2, outlaw and in this case clover in there set. and think a 2/3 songs is all it needs.

In past sets, if they play just the one song form load/reload, they play a "new song" thats coming up on the new album.

In my oppinion, i'd much rather see a rare old track emerge, such as "to live is to die" or "Dyers eve" or "fight fire with fire" or "jump in the fire".

But this is why i love seeing metallica live, cos they always play one or two unexpected songs. Where as with bands like maiden or even megadeth you get the same (good) songs, but they never pull out an old classic.

And yeah creeping death is a wickid opener, but better than blackened (03-04 tour)? I cant decide
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