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Live Earth -- London, UK -- July 7th, 2007

O.K didnt know whether to put this in here, but i went cos my girlfriend wanted to go, n i just wanted to see metallica twice in one weekend!

I'll mention the highlights and the downs of the day;

the show kicked of wiv the drummers of queen, foo fighters and red hot chili peppers all doing this drum beat thing wiv a load of african drummers, it was ok, they progressed through about 3 different beats ten they ended with the drum beat to the start of we will rock which was ok.

Then was genesis, these were ok a good instrumental intro with solo guitars and good drumming, wasnt too bad.

then there was razorlight, snow patrol, damien rice & david gray, kasabian, paolo nutini, black eyed peas, john legend and Duran Duran who were pretty boring.

Then RHCP came up who i was fairly excited to see as i have a couple of there album, they were good. they played - Cant stop, Dani California, So much i and By the Way.
Think they could've chosen better songs!!!!

Then there was Bloc Party, coline baily rae, terra naomi and keane who were all shit!!!!

Then finally metallica who i'd been waiting all day for! They played Sad but True, Nothing Else Matters and Enter Sandman. They put on a really good performance, the past 6 hours of shit made metallica the bollocks!
Could've chose better songs obviously, but sad but true and enter sandman sounded fucking heavy and was halarious to see the looks on some the audience's faces. I was screaming Metallica at the top of my lungs head banging for shit! I craving sum for sum sort of heavy music all day!

Then there was Spinal tap! along with metalica this was the highlight. They were fucking halarious! The played stonehenge, warmer then hell and big bottom. And during big bottom they had around 30 bassists come out from all the bands that were playing, this included rob trujillo, kirk hammett and james hetfield from metallica, was funny to see.

James Blunt = shit

Beastie boys, good for comical purposes

Pussycat dolls made me want to kill myself

Foo Fighters average band, were loud which was good, think they played All my life, Times like these, best of you and everlong

Then i really have to comment????
You can't Kill Rock n Roll
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