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Originally Posted by ADD View Post
First off, I have never in my life seen such a congregation of metalheads in my life. It almost felt like a contest to see who was the ugliest, smelliest, drunkest motherfucker with the most patches of underground metal bands on his denim jacket. All the old schoolers came out of the woodwork, and just about everyone there seemed to know each other and it was just a great very family-like vibe. There was even a guy there that was 60 years old who everybody knew, dude has been goin to shows in the Bay Area since the beginning and he's still out in full leather pants with bullet-belt, the leather jacket, mane of long gray hair, fuckin awesome. I'll admit I was a little creeped though by the skinhead Satanist guys, and the general amount of total degenerates and pretty gross people in general was sometimes a little much, but I will vouch that is this is as true a gathering of real metalheads as there could be.

I know of the old guy you're talking about... he was a regular at the Pound. The last time I saw him was at Dark Funeral in Oakland a few months ago.

After enough shows, the extreme freak factor becomes just part of the landscape. You just stop paying attention to it.
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