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The entertainment industry's arguments are paper-thin and just about as ridiculous as saying home cooking will destroy the restaurant business.

They complained that VCRs would put Hollywood out of business years ago but they're still going strong. Maybe they need to rethink their approach to this and stop making the consumers the enemy. Gain back the consumers trust and they will be more eager to buy from them. I stopped buying records awhile ago, not because I didn't have the money but because the people I was giving money to are greedy scumbags who sue little children. All they have to do to turn this around is work with the consumers, give a lotto for free concert tickets, or t-shirts, or band interviews on the cd. How many schoolgirls would rush out and buy the latest Justin Timberlake CD if one of them had a "golden ticket" for a dinner date with him? Times change and the reason they're losing sales is because they won't change with them.
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