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Tuska Open Air 2007, Helsinki Finland

What a fest, again. I'm so damn wacked up. I'll put these in for the starters and try to find more sets later on, most of the already founded are from Some of them might not be in correct orderthough...

Blind Guardian ruled. I watched them from the middle of the front, met the guys and got their autographs later.

Friday, June 29th

-Taistelu Pohjolasta
-Tuleen Ajettu Maa
-Jumalten Kaupunki

-The Sun No Longer Rises
-Withstand The Fall Of Time
-Sons Of Northern Darkness
-One By One
-Wrath From Above
-Unholy Forces Of Evil
-Unsilent Storms
-At The Heart Of Winter
-Battles In The North

-Ghost of the Sun
-Will I Arrive
-My Twin
-Don't Tell a Soul
-Clean Today
-Soil's Song
-Had to (Leave)
-Right into the Bliss
-Dissolving Bonds

-Rex Regi Rebellis
-To Holmgard and Beyond
-One More
-Fields of Gold
-Raining Blood
-In The Court Of Jarisleif
-A Portage To The Unknown
-Battle Metal
-Miklagard Overture

-They're Coming To Take Me Away Ha-Haa (Intro)
-Hate Me!
-Children of Decadence
-Chokehold (Cocked 'n' Loaded)
-Living Dead Beat
-Needled 24/7
-In Your Face
-Bodom Beach Terror
-Children of Bodom
-Are You Dead Yet?
-Mask Of Sanity/Deadnight Warrior (MEDLEY)
-Angels Don't Kill

Saturday, June 30th

-The Gale
-Mortal Share
-Drawn to Black
-The Killjoy
-Last Statement
-The Day It All Came Down
-Devoid Of Caring

-On Your Knees / Inside The Electric Circus / Hate To Love Me
-L.O.V.E. Machine
-Wild Child
-Take Me Up
-The Idol
-I Wanna Be Somebody
-Blind In Texas

Legion Of The Damned:
-Intro /Son of the jackal
-Undead stillborn
-Death's head march
-Into the eye...
-Bleed for me
-Werewolf corpse
-Infernal wrath
-Malevolent rapture
-Legion of the damned

Brother Firetribe:
-Break Out
-Lover Tonite
-One Single Breath
-Devil's Daughter
-Midnite Queen
-I Am Rock

-Wrist of Kings
-Not in Rivers, But in Drops
-So Did We
-In Fiction
-Holy Tears
-The Beginning and the End

Emperor's set was already posted on the other thread, but I'll just put it in here anyway:
-Into The Infinity/Burning Shadows/Cosmic Keys medley
-Thus Spake the Nightspirit
-An Elegy of Icaros
-Curse you all men!
-With Strength I Burn
-The Majesty of Nightsky
-Loss & Curse of Reverence
-In the Wordless Chamber
-Inno a Satana
-I am the Black Wizards
-Ye Entrancemperium

Sunday, July 1st

Blind Guardian:
-This Will Never End
-Born In a Morning Hall
-I'm Alive
-Punishment Divine
-Traveler In Time
-And Then There Was Silence
-Imaginations From The Other Side
-The Bard's Song (In The Forest)
-Mirror Mirror

-In Memoriam
-Memento Mori
-Blood Tells
-Everything Invaded
-Raven Claws
-Alma Mater
-Full Moon Madness

-Intro /Between Day and Night
-Silent Empire
-Back to the Blind
-Halleluuja God IS Dead
-This is the War
-Raining Blood

-Hunting High And Low
-Speed Of Light
-A Million Lightyears Away
-Against The Wind
-Will My Soul Ever Rest In Peace
-Twilight Symphony
-Hold On To Your Dream
-Black Diamond

Still searching sets eg. from DragonForce, C.O.B, Pain, Thunderstone, and Finntroll.

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