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Necromance -- Whitehall, PA -- June 26th, 2007

As usual, I'm reviewing my own band's shows on here. Lately we've finally been playing some shows again after almost a year away. This was going to be a special occasion for us. We were playing a 90 minute set in front of a very large fair crowd... the fair is a very big deal in my community so we knew turnout would be impressive, which it was.
We reported to the stage at about 6:30 PM. Before we could set anything up we needed them to turn on the power and we needed to move the drum riser onto the stage. We spent till 7:15-ish setting up all our gear and such, then ran through about a song and a half sound check to make sure that everything was working and the mix of all the instruments was good from the perspective of the audience. We then moved offstage and played some music over our PA to pass the time until we went on. At about 8:30 when a pretty big crowd had assembled we had our friend Tony take the mic and introduce us, and then he started our intro music... we were back behind the stage. As the music ended we walked on, and then wasted no time in getting into our set.

Set List:
3.Losing Faith
4.Bring Me Down
5.The Game
6.Wasted Years (Iron Maiden)
8.The End of Our Days
(Churchill's Speech)
9.Aces High (Iron Maiden)
11.The Idol w/ extended guitar solos (WASP)
12.Breaking the Chains
13.Destiny Calls
14.See You In Hell (Grim Reaper)
15.Drum Solo
16.We Will Rise / Heaven and Hell (Sabbath)
Outro (Hammerfall - In Memoriam) \

All in all, a pretty good show I thought. The longer shows are always full of obstacles, but we did pretty well I think. Crowd response was excellent, especially to the covers. Definately a memorable experience and luckily we got the whole thing on tape.
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