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Originally Posted by ADD View Post
I'm not gettin the same vibe as you, how much Cathedral and Clutch have you really listened to? Because Titan are definitely not in the same style as either one. Hawkwind yes definitely, but Dream Theater? No chance.
Heh. Cathedral - absolutely everything. Clutch not everything... probably about half their catalogue. Seen Cathedral live three times and Clutch once.

I didn't say they were in the same style. I said they mixed in elements of their style. And in particular Cathedral's long proggy stuff.

And there's whole heaps of Dream Theater in Obelisk..., with plenty of additional weird sounds over the top. Again, didn't say they sound like Dream Theater, I said there's Dream Theater in there.

Originally Posted by ADD View Post
Also the album was originally out in January, I'm doing my reviews chronologically starting from the beginning of the year.
Again, not here it wasn't. Promo copies were issued in March and it was actually released on April 2nd. Hence a March review.

But no, you're right, I didn't get the same vibe... I found it a technically proficient, but very boring album. For instrumental stuff give me Canvas Solaris any day.

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