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Originally Posted by Spiral_Slave View Post
This was at the NOVA ROCK FESTIVAL. Their first live gig since November!

( Not in order )

01. Hate Me!
02. Children Of Decadence
03. Living Dead Beat
04. Bodom Beach Terror
05. Mask Of Sanity/Deadnight Warrior
06. In Your Face
07. Angels Don't Kill
08. Children Of Bodom
09. Are You Dead Yet?
10. Needled 24/7
11. Sixpounder
12. Downfall

The appearance of Children Of Decadence, Mask Of Sanity, and Deadnight Warrior ALMOST makes up for the lack of Hate Crew Deathroll
Lack of? There's 4 damn songs from it! What do you want the whole damn album?
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