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My presale was a few days ago; around 4:00 p.m. for St. Louis. After about two hours of the system being overloaded, I ended up with lawn seats.

I have searched for pit tickets on Ebay and was surpised to notice something. Only 13 pit tickets are on Ebay for the entire country and only five auctions have ended with pit tickets. This time last year, there were at least 200 pit tickets for sale. I know this because I purchased pit tickets on Ebay for last year's show. Basically, Ozzy or LiveNation are probably going to sell these somehow. Very weak. You know damn well that every online scalper would be selling these right now if they were available. For some reason, only 13 are available.

I'll only attend this show if I'm in the pit. They can shove their lawn seats up their a$$!

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