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Alright well the whole album revolves around Johannes Bureaus, a Swedish religous visionary, and rune magician. In addition to both of those things, he was the teacher of the Swedish King Gustav II and a huge influence on him throughout his reign. He was the first to catologue the swedish rune stones and make a runic alphabet. Without getting overly complicated here's a watered down version of the concept. ( An in-depth analysis would take forever )

Der Mitternactsl÷we

Translating to " Midnight Lion " this song is about the prophecy of the alchemist Paracelsus, about a " lion from the north " who would come and introduce a new kingdom, and restore the true religion of the ancient Goths. This intrigued Johannes, and after some time and much later in life, he concluded that he is none other than the lion from the prophecy. King Gustav also earned the nickname " lion from the north " by the Protestants, but I think that is unrelated to this song. This song basically sums up the lion prophecy.

Gothic Kabbalah

Bureaus created a philosophy known as Gothic Kabbalah, where he invoked the ancient gods Odin, Thor, and Frey as well as the sibyls of ancient times. He also used to rune stones and beleived he could see the future and made prophecies that some believe are prevelant today. This song sums up the whole idea of the Gothic Kabbalah

The Perennial Sophia

THe next few songs deal with alchemy as well as the Gothic Kabbalah, as they go hand in hand. Sophia translates to " Wisdom " and Johannes viewed the Gothic Kabbalah system as an eternal wisdom that is always true and appears throughout the course of history. Sophia in this song is personified eternal wisdom, that can unlock the cage of matter so you may start your ascent to the divine, which is the basic goal of all alchemy. This song doesn't have much to do with Bureaus directly, but more the ideas behind alchemy itself.

The Wisdom And The Cage

Basically the same concept as before. The Gothic Kabbalah is a system to ascend into the divinity, but your path stars in " matters cage " the material world. In this song it would seem Johannes is calling upon the Sophia to unlock his spiritual chains so he can begin his ascension.

Son Of The Staves Of Time

Byrger Tiddeson is a mythical priest who descended from the gods and created the ancient runes. Tiddeson is Swedish surname which translates to " Tides Son. " This song basically touches upon that whole idea.

Tuna 1613: Momentum Excitation

Okay this songs takes up back to Bureau's direct story. In late Autumn of 1613 is Tuna a town in Darlana Sweden, while traveling with Gustav, Johannes had what he refers to as " momentum excitation " or moment of excitement. He saw a flash of light in the sky and heard the words "RIVos IaM ClaVDe pVer sat prata bIberVnt", which translates to " Close up the streams young boy, for the meadows have drunk themselves full. " In this statement the latin letters of 1673 are hidden which Johannes perceived as the year the world would end. This event forever changed his life, and he became more of a prophet and visionary after this event.


I honestly am very unclear as to what this song refers to. It has been speculated that it's about a cult werewolfs in an Arcadian Grove in ancient times but I really don't know.

Close Up The Streams

Basically just re-hashes what happened in Tuna 1613. It is from the perspective of Johannes himself.

I'll do the rest of the album tommorow if you want, I'm tired now.
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