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a.) Fire the screamo guy
b.) Change the band name

Advance & Vanquish was better, but this is still a good album. It definitely starts to lag the second half, and although they grew as songwriters in a lot of ways (i.e. not every song has the same chord progression pop up like on Advance & Vanquish and their debut Battlecry Under A Winter Sun), they still need to improve, particularly in how to execute tempo changes. You don't HAVE to vary every riff by first playing it fast and then in half-time like a breakdown, sometimes its used effectively but other times it isn't. The attempts at Euro-metal don't work either, stick to the Painkiller/NWOBHM worship for success. I do like how this is definitely a progression for them though, and I expect huge things from the next record.

Night Marauders/Goatrider's Horde though is one of the best one-two opening punches on a metal album in the last several years.
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