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Don't feel too bad ravenheart, I've had some albums sitting since February that I haven't listened to yet Oh and the new Saxon is good I think, but indeed nothing compared to Lionheart.

And Brady, as far as Municipal Waste, I really think that The Art Of Partying does say something different, or at least add something new in that it is clearly way more metal influenced than their past stuff. They've been slowly morphing from raging straight-up hardcore to a more classic thrash metal approach with every release, and here I think they've definitely hit their stride. The songwriting is great as usual, catchy, heavy, fun, and it still leaves me wanting more (even though its their longest offering). I still get a kick of it and listen constantly, for me it is one of the best thrash records I've heard, along with Hazardous Mutation. In my opinion they're not rehashing at all, at least not anymore to the extent they do already since let's be honest, the music is based around essentially copying what bands like D.R.I and Wehrmacht and shit did before.
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