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Originally Posted by ADD View Post
What Ed is trying to stress is maybe the fact that these kids don't have any clue about what "actual" Satanism is about, as many people who really believe in it from a spiritual sense are what we'd consider pretty normal people I guess (take King Diamond for instance). Faith is not unhealthy if you really feel a connection to it, which is the purpose. Lots of people just are drawn to the dark or occult imagery and things because as Ed said they don't have anything goin for them in their lives and its against mainstream society in a lot of ways. Even the most popular metalcore bands we all point to and they're supposedly "trendy" fans really aren't a part of mainstream culture to a huge extent; they still see themselves on the outside. Real Satanism, like real Christianity, or real Islam, or whatever faith practice, takes some self-affirmation and is much more than just a crutch or an image to hide under.
I agree to a point, but Ed flat out said that Satanism as a religion legitamizes hate, and that's what I took issue with.
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